Sunday, September 28, 2008

Up the hydro and DI woes

Today was the third day since I weaned. I've done ok. I felt pukey today, but not real bad. I was colder too. I decided to take 2.5 mg. tonight, to see if it helps me sleep better. I'd like to be able to sleep without having to take sleeping pills. I still feel high at night. I can't sleep without sleeping pills, and I don't feel pukey, I'm hot, etc. It sure feels like my cortisol is high at night. I figured I'd try some hydro tonight and see if it helps or makes it worse.

Last night, I started the pills of DDAVP. I still had some spray left, but I wanted to go to pills because sometimes, the spray seems to work too long, and I don't pee enough. Then, I swell, and have to take a day off of the DDAVP to lose some of that fluid again. Well, I took a pill, and it didn't do diddley squat for me last night! I was up all night peeing and drinking. Part of the problem was that it said to take the pill form 12 hrs. after my last nasal spray, only that would have put me off track for dosing. I use the spray at night so I'm not peeing all night. Well, 12 hrs. after that would be 8 am. You are supppose to take the DDAVP at night so you can at least get some sleep! I figured I must need a build up of it in my system for the pills to work. So, I used the spray this morning, about 12 hrs. after taking the pill form. That means tonight, I'm 12 hrs. after using the spray, so I'll try the pill again. I hope it works!

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