Tuesday, September 30, 2008

~sigh~ I wish I had a brain!

I was going to go to the lab this morning, for blood work again. Mostly to see where my cortisol is. I totally forgot, and took my medicine this morning. Then, later I was thinking, "What all was I going to do today?" I thought of the lab and had a total DUH! moment. Maybe tomorrow, if I can remember! LOL!

I decided to go back up just a tad on my hydro. I went up to 17.5 mg. in the AM, yesterday. Today I did 15 mg. again. Tomorrow I'll do 17.5, then 15. Then, I hope to stay at 15. I didn't feel super bad on the 15, but worse than I had with any other wean, so I decided to go up a bit, and go back and forth for a while, to ease my body into it. We'll see how it goes. I lost a couple pounds and my blood pressure is doing much better on the lower dose!

Aside from all of the medical mumbo jumbo, I want to post cute things the kids do or say. This morning, Zane woke up and came to me. He is 4 and still has a hard time talking. He has to go to speech therapy. Anyway, he said, "I had a dream!" I asked, "You did?" He said, "Yeah, it was about Daddy and (something about a car)... and I had a hod attat!" (Heart attack) He says the cutest things!

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littleoldladyinashoe said...

we need to find those brain thieves Girl