Monday, October 10, 2011

New Hydrocortisone by Core Pharma is old Hydro by Glades

This post is for anyone out there who use to be on Glades hydrocortisone, and loved it. Many of us did great on it, and then Glades went out of business and quit making all medicines. Core Pharma wound up with Glades formulation and have finallly started production of it.

A Core Pharma rep told me it is being sold at Rite Aid pharmacies, and if you do not have Rite Aid near you, you can ask your pharmacy of choice to order it for you. They have to get it ordered through their supplier. Here is the NDC# for 10 mg. pills... 64720-331-05. If you want to make sure you get Glades, ask your doctor to specifiy that on your prescription and the doc can even write the NDC# on the script!