Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lots of updates

I am SO bad about updating this blog! I see my last post was in April. I've had a busy, productive summer. But there was a hiccup along the way.

I'd been having pains off and on, for over a year, on my right side. Doctors pretty much blew me off. They did feel my stomach, but nothing seemed to be wrong. I even had a CT scan that said nothing was wrong. Then, toward the end of May, it all fell together, or apart. Hehehe. I woke up on a Wed. feeling quite nauseous. I took anti nausea meds, and they were not even touching it. I had severe pains in my stomach. Around 1 pm, I started the upchucking. That's really bad news when you have Addison's Disease! I immediately used a shot, which kept me in check, but didn't stop the puking. I sent my husband a message letting him know I was really sick and had used my shot. The pain got worse. It was like labor pain, but worse because you get breaks between contractions during labor!

I called my husband home, or maybe the kids did, I don't remember. We decided to go to the ER. I was afraid that maybe it wasn't the flu, and something more serious. (I was right.) I got to the ER and told them I have Addison's, I'd been puking all day, and gave them my emergency letter from my doctor, and they told me to have a seat. I told my husband to see how soon they would get me back. I needed another dose of Solu-Cortef. He checked and they said 14 people ahead of me! I went to the bathroom and gave myself another shot, and waited.

They got me back there, did a CT without contrast, said it was ok. They figured it must be the flu. They gave me a pain shot, some meds, and sent me home.

I rested decent since I'd had the pain shot, but it was wearing off. Now we are on Thursday. I was no longer having the nausea, or the severe pain all over my stomach, but the pain had settled on my right lower side, just in from my leg/hip. I tried to rest. I started running a fever and woke up shaking all over. The kids helped me get a shot in me, then I think I passed out. They called their dad home, and he checked my temp. It was 105! I was out of it. The next thing I remember was them yelling my name and yanking me off of the couch to get in the van. I could not walk at all. I couldn't move anything. I was in shock. They had to basically carry me to the van. I'm sure you are wondering why we didn't call 911. Well, the local hospital tried to kill me, literally during a different crisis. Not going there EVER again!

So, we headed off for the hour long ride to the hospital. The staff had to come out and get me out of the car and onto a stretcher. They took me straight back this time! :) My fever was not as high. It came down to like 102 and I was sweating buckets! My blood pressure was only in the 60's/40's. They got fluids going... 2 IV's! Then got meds in me, etc. They got me back for another scan, but this time with contrast. It was my appendix. It had stones in it, was enlarged, and had perforated. It was leaking infection into my blood stream, sending me into septic shock. I've been feeling much better since that ole appendix left the building! ;)

I've recently switched my steroids. I was taking hydrocortisone, but changed to prednisone. It's strange because prednisone is suppose to be longer acting and about 4 times stronger than hydrocortisone, yet I'm losing weight and looking much thinner in the face and neck. It agrees with my body better, I guess.

My other big news is, I'm getting a tummy tuck. All I'm waiting on is my endo to send a letter to the plastic surgeon. That might take a while, but hopefully not long. The plastic surgeon won't give me a surgery date until he has this clearance from the endo, and they discuss my steroid dosing. Understandable.

We have been working like crazy this summer. We got a lot of fill dirt and made places for our new pool (it's huge) and a pole barn. We built a retaining wall, and have one more to build. I got half of my flower beds done before I had to have my appendix out. The weeds took over the one bed again. I didn't get the mulch in it. I was ready to when I had to go to the hospital. Then it was catch up on everything after getting out and recovering.

I guess that's all of my news for now. I will try to add a picture to show the difference of me on hydrocortisone and me on prednisone. In just 3 weeks time, it has been a pretty big change.