Friday, September 28, 2012

Plan for TT

As usual, I forget to update my blog. My surgeon decided to cut me from just under the breast bone down, and across from hip to hip or somewhere in that area. I have so much skin side to side he will do the vertical cut to pull all of that in. Then he will also do the horizontal cut to pull all of it down.

On another note, I got my 3rd CPAP mask. It's the Sleepweaver Elan. It's cloth, but a different shape than the original Sleepweaver. The original one was too big for my face and blew air straight into my eyes. This one works much better. I liked the other masks, but whatever is in that plastic/rubber seal makes my face break out into a solid rash and it burns.

I will post pictures of the before and after on the tummy tuck, after the surgery. Maybe in about a week or so.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Tummy tuck plan

Some tummy tucks only require skin removal horizontally and then stretched down and sewed together. Sometimes, there is so much skin, it also needs sewed up the center to pull in the sides. I have the last problem, so I will have a vertical scar as well. Guess I will have an anchor on my stomach. LOL! I'm getting excited!

Countdown to Tummy Tuck!

Counting down until surgery to get rid of this baggy stomach! Can't wait! I go see the surgeon again today, for final decisions. I need to find out if he will cut me up the middle and pull the sides in (tightening my back as well) or if I need to get a belt lipectomy (more expense and more pain.

I'm not excited about being in pain, but that part is only temporary! More updates after talking to the surgeon!