Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hello, everyone! I'm sorry I'm so terrible about keeping up on my blog! Lately I've been busy getting my office/craft room painted and organized. I'm so excited about that! That may sound trivial to some people, but when you've been so sick for so long that you couldn't even sort stuff, or even CARE about it, it's a big deal! I created a pretty space to create, dream, work, and relax! Crafts are relaxing to me. I enjoy them so much! Most everyone that knows me, knows I use to do lots of crafts and when I got really bad with my Cushing's Disease, all of that fell by the wayside! I'm VERY happy to say I am now feeling good enough to start back on crafts.

I have not done scrapbooking for YEARS! I hope to get all of my pictures into albums at some point. Right now, I have a new craft hobby. Making cards! I didn't think I'd really like making cards much, but I love it! It's so much fun! My goal there is to get various cards made ahead of time, that I can grab when I need one. It gives me something to do, and it's so fun creating. It does take some time, so I'd rather spend plenty of time, than doing a rush job because I need one right now! Those never turn out well. It takes time to be creative and decide what you want! LOL!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my cricut! I think it's the best thing I've ever bought for myself! :) I've used it a lot already. If anyone is thinking of getting a cricut, I highly recomment getting a cartridge from Close To My Hart (they are the only ones that carry this particular one) called Art Philosophy! There are 700 images/combinations on that one cartridge! It's very versatile! If I could only have one cartridge, it would be that one! It's expensive, but worth the money! Plus, you get other stuff from CTMH with it, like VERY NICE coodinating stamps!

Anyway, last night, I made words for my buckets hodling my tools and such on my craft table. I made 2 wall words too. Before I cut them out, I used alcohol ink and made some REALLY pretty vinyl! I'm totally in love with ink! You can do such cool stuff with it! I'm really getting into the distressing and it really spruces up stuff. Did I mention I LOVE ink? ;)

I need to get off of here so I can do my mending and get that pile out of here! I want to reupholster my office chair today, so I better get busy. Pics to come. Here's a sneak peak of the office. It's not all done yet. I have some orginazational items coming that I've ordered. Oh, and I made the cornices on my windows! I love them! So pretty! I found the Thomas Kincade material online. I made a cover for my cricut, and I'm going to cover my office chair in it, too. I hope to have enough left over to make a cover for my sewing machine and serger.