Friday, September 12, 2008

3 weeks post op

Well, I was feeling pretty good from the sinus infection, and then I got whopped with a cold! UGH! Now I'm miserable! If it wasn't for the sinus infection and the cold, I'd probably feel half way decent. Even with those, I did not have to take any extra hydro, and I've felt fine that way.

I've noticed the the excess hair on my face has thinned out. It's not totally gone, but a lot of it is, and what is left, is shorter. My face is not red now, like it was. I use to look like I might spontaneously combust! My stomach has flattened out a lot. I can't believe the difference in just 3 weeks! I still have some times that I get hot flashes, but they are less than they were.

I withheld my hydro yesterday, to get my cortisol checked in the morning. I don't have those results back yet, but I was not feeling sick at all. I've had a few zits break out, so I'm wondering if I might be on too much hydro now. I had dropped 5 mg. in the evening, starting last Sunday night. I did that just fine too. I had one day that my stomach was a bit upset, about 3 days after dropping the dose. That was it, nothing more.

Last night, I went to Wal-Mart for a few things. Everyone in the house is sick, and we needed stuff, so I went. I was not in there long, and not doing a major shopping trip. I felt really great at first, but it didn't take long before I started feeling like puking. I was surprised how quickly it all changed. When I left the store, and sat down, I felt fine after that. That was my first "big" excursion. I haven't went anywhere since surgery, other than the doctor and lab. I was reminded pretty quickly, how weak I still am.

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Robin said...

Hey, lady....take it easy, ok? AI can come up suddenly and when you least expect it.