Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Doing fun stuff in life again!

We went to a friend's house yesterday and went swimming all day! We had a blast! My poor kids have not gotten to do anything fun for so long because I was so sick! They were exhausted! We came home and ate supper, and the 3 oldest passed out early, like right after supper!

Zane is going to be 5 next month. He was the only one who could not stand up in the water and touch bottom. At first, he was scared! He had on a life jacket and noodles, but he was scared. Well, it didn't take long before he was jumping in and going down the slide! He kept saying he was gonna "sunk" or "get sunked". LOL! None of the kids know how to swim. Carrington seemed to think he could just do what his little friend does, who knows how to swim really well. So, Carrington just jumps in, doesn't know what he's doing, then he panicked and didn't realize he could stand up in the water. I thought he was going to drink half of the pool yesterday! He would get on this alligator raft, and always end up flipping it, or get flipped, and try to drown himself again! They were getting pretty good with all of it by the end of the day. The older kids were actually learning to swim some.

We left my friends house and went home for supper. Andy made baked potatoes and hot dogs/brats on the grill. Then, we ran out to some garden centers after supper to find some vegetables and fruit for the late garden we are putting in. Then, I came home and looked online for places to stay for our planned vacation. It is never far from my mind how much I am able to do, and couldn't have done half of that in one day, before surgery. I'm not super woman again. It catches up with you. I started feeling sick to my stomach later. I was up past my bedtime, looking on the computer for places to stay on vacation. I had to just go to bed. I know I'm going to be really tired the next few days, but those days I get to do a lot, they feel so awesome! One thing I find myself doing, and that I've always liked about myself, is laughing! My friend and I were talking about people we went to school with, and old memories and we laughed and laughed! I find myself laughing a lot more these days. I LOVE to laugh! It feels so good! When you are sick and you feel miserable, even the things that are funny, just don't make you laugh like they do when you are not sick! There is a lightheartedness that comes with feeling well. I'm glad I've found that again!


littleoldladyinashoe said...

Wow,before you said you weren't superwoman, that's exactly what I was thinking! You are doing amazingly well, girl!
Proud of you!

judycolby said...

Yea Gracie. Your life is returning.