Thursday, July 2, 2009

6 weeks post op

I'm still feeling pretty good. I'm still not losing weight. I lost some with one of my weans, but stopped. I've weaned again, and now I'm on 20 mg. total for the day. My only "complaint" is that I am tired a lot. I suppose that's pretty normal for 6 weeks post op. If I get up early in the morning, then I need a nap in the late morning, or afternoon to make it all day. Or, if I just don't get up until late morning or early noon, I can usually go all day then.

I'm on a full pill of florinef now. I'm totally off of the BP meds. I have been for a while. My BP is doing good. Now I just have to watch that it doesn't go too low. It was going lower than it should, so I went on a full pill of florinef. Decreasing my hydro this last time made my bp drop more. I also ordered some salt pills. Those should help a lot too!

I've had a lot of headaches lately. I wasn't sure what from. I needed adjusted at the chiropractor, so I thought maybe that was it. That didn't fix it. It's not my BP. My sodium was on the lower end of normal last week, so I wondered if my sodium was dropping too much. Today, I ate a dill pickle and it went away for a while. It came back later, so I ate another dill pickle and it went away again. It's coming back. That makes me think it's my sodium dropping too low. It could also be causing my tiredness.

I feel 100% better than I did with Cushing's, but I don't feel 100% normal, if that makes sense. I don't know if I ever will. I had Cushing's for a really long time. At least since 1992-1994. That's when all of my symptoms began. I know I'm only 6 weeks post op, and it will take a year or two to get to the best that I will be. In some ways though, I feel like things will never be the same. That's ok, though. I'll take my new normal and be happy it doesn't include Cushing's!

I went to calling hours for a friend's father today. When I was getting ready, I had to check the time to see when my medicine was due, make sure I had my medicine in my purse with me, etc. I thought, "What a pain! And, and I'm going to have to do this the rest of my life!" But then I quickly thought, "Oh well, it's a small price to pay to get rid of Cushing's!" I don't think there are enough words to totally capture what it feels like to live one day with Cushing's in your body. It's horrid!

Anyway, the other thing I was going to say was that while I was at the calling hours, standing in line, I felt a bit funny. I don't know what it was. Kind of light headed maybe. I'm not sure. Those things just come on suddenly. I had been totally fine before that. You never know when stuff like that will happen. That's the pain of Addison's disease! I was fine, and it passed. If I felt much worse, I would have sat down. Those kinds of things make me think that I'll probably never feel 100% normal again. I'll always have Addison's now. I'll take it though! It beats Cushing's any day! I'm forever an optimist! LOL! Can you tell? Even as bad as Cushing's is, and I'm not downplaying it at all, I still think there are things in life that are worse, and I'm thankful I didn't have to deal with those other things instead! Cushing's is curable, and some diseases are not. I'm thankful I had a disease that was curable. There are always things to be thankful for, even in the worst of times!

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judycolby said...

I'm so glad that things are going so much better for you. I know what you mean about "the rest of your life." Sometimes when I think about the kids, it gets overwhelming.