Sunday, May 24, 2009

Post BLA surgery

I'm 4 days post op, now. Each day is better than the previous, but I can tell it will be slow going. I know some people have said that the BLA surgery is easier for them than their pituitary surgery. My pituitary surgery was a piece of cake. This has been worse for me, by far. I will not lie. This has been the most painful surgery I have ever had. It was worse than my hysterectomy, but that's just me. I suspect that is because I had Cushing's with each of my other surgeries. It would have made my body put out extra steroids. I believe that would have helped me with each surgery or birth, to feel better. Now that Cushing's is gone, I don't have my body putting out extra steroids now.

I'm still on high doses of steroids, so it will be a while before I see a lot of the positive changes. My face is already looking better. I have lost most of the redness and it looks slimmer to me. That is probably all I will see for a while. Right now, I'm on 50 mg. of hydro each day. I will start weaning once I see my endo, which is June 11th. I feel pretty good, so I'm not looking forward to the weaning process. I imagine it will be pretty hard. It's something we have to go through though.

The gas pains you get from being blown up with air are unreal! They lodged in my shoulders, and it felt like severe muscle spasms. I was near tears, and biting my fingers. I'm usually good with pain, but that part was very bad for me. Pain killers don't help that kind of pain. Gas-x does, but you can only take a certain amount of it. They don't give you those at the hospital anyway. Thankfully, those gas pains are mostly gone. I'm still having them some, 4 days post op, but they are much better.

My right side is sore. I finally slept in the bed some. I've spent the first several days sleeping, sitting up on the couch with pillows stuffed all around me. That is not real comfortable, and I can't sleep for long periods of time. Now that I can stretch out in the bed, I'm getting a bit more restful sleep. I still don't sleep for very long stretches of time though.

I have seen definite improvement each day. I know that each day IS better than the one before. It's just going to take a long time to be totally well and healed.

There was a fire alarm that went off in our hotel a few days ago. I was sitting on the couch, taking a nap, and this thing goes off! It was blaring loud and I came straight off of the couch! We left the building. All I had on was my night gown, robe, and socks. We went to McDonalds to pick up some food and took a drive. I think that ate up some of my cortisol pretty quickly, but I did ok. I think the person working the drive thru was wondering why I was not dressed. LOL! If they only knew!


judycolby said...

Glad you're feeling a little better each day. Justin actually cried from the pain in his shoulder that I presume was from the gas.
Hope each day continues to be better.
Where are you staying?

Gracie said...

We are at the Homestead Extended Stay. It's a nice place. I was in tears today. When they come on, they are severe. They would make anyone cry! After a while, you just get sick of pain and hurting and crying helps relieve the tense muscles!

I really feel for your kids! This is no walk in the park! I expected it to be worse for me than my pit surgery, but being worse than my hysterectomy surprised me!

Have you got to take a cholcolate bath yet? I thought those jugs were pretty cute, and you were the first person that came to mind when I seen them!


judycolby said...

No, no chocolate bath yet. But I will sure enjoy it when I have time! Thank you so much.
We were at the Homestead. Did you try Kropps across the street? YUM!
I hope your pain goes away soon. Actually, Justin took more of the pain meds than prescribed, but he had Jess' to draw from as she hardly needed any.
I think his was better by the next week, so maybe any day now for you.