Tuesday, May 26, 2009

6 days post op

Today is a better day. It's pretty exciting to go to bed at night, and know that the next day you wake up, you are going to feel even better!

Last night, my stomach was so sore... I can't even describe it, really. My voice was shaking as I was trying to get myself laid in bed, and tell Andy how bad it hurt! If I lay on the one side, it's not bad, but you know, it is not comfortable to lay in one spot all the time. If I try to turn over, it hurts! I feel all of the organs inside my body, shift. They get stuck on my ribs and such, and it is the grossest and most painful feeling.

I have pain pills, but I don't take them often. Pain pills do not seem to agree with me too well. They do help, so I do take them occasionally. I usually reserve it for bedtime, or naps. When I woke, to take my morning medicine, I decided I would take another pain pill before going back to bed. I decided to check for messages on the computer first. I was sending a message to someone, and started feeling really light headed and faint. My hearing on the left side was muffled or gone. I had to hurry up and get laid back down. Some pain meds make me itch. This one does a little bit, but not as bad as the Percocet. I really liked the Percocet, other than itching. It never made me feel dizzy or any of this stuff. Tylenol 3's make me feel light headed and icky. The crazy thing with this Vicodin is, one time, it will make me a little bit itchy. The next time, it will make me light headed, muffled hearing, etc. I think I have a different reaction to it each new time I take it. I really think Ibuprofen works the best for me. I just don't know if I can take that. It's a blood thinner, and I wouldn't want to start any internal bleeds.

I've had 5 babies, the first 2 with no pain meds, the last 3 with epidurals. I've had a cyst removed from the outside of my ear, a deviated septum fixed, a hysterectomy, and brain surgery. Nothing has hurt me as bad as this! My best guess is that I had excess cortisol all the other times, and that is what helped. At any rate, I'd do it all over again. It's absolutely been worth it. Each day that I feel better, is so exciting.


scrapbooking1234 said...

Hey I am so happy for you!! Hope you get better and skinny fast. Don't forget about us forever fat people that aren't cured yet :-). I am suppose to be starting nursing school this fall. Hopefully this time I won't be hindered.

Pinkie said...

Hi Gracie... I'm from London in the UK and reading your blog was like reading about my own life...I've had 2 pituitary surgeries this year which failed to cure me...now they want to do a BLA followed by radiotherapy to get the rest of my P.tumor...scared witless is putting it mildly on how I feel at the moment...you have given me some hope that this can be beaten, THANK YOU! I wish you an excellent recovery,