Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Woo hoo! Dr. says go off of all steroids!

I'm excited to hear this news from the local doctor. Although, they seem to think I can just magically quit taking them and be OK. I know better. You have to wean, not quit cold turkey. The good news is, I can wean faster than I have been. I did a stim test and stimmed to almost 20 so they say to get off of the steroids now. That means I'll lose weight faster now, and hopefully get my blood pressure back to normal, discontinue meds for that and other things along the way. I feel like I'm getting my life back, slowly but surely.

My worst day post op is much better than my best day with Cushing's! This feeling is so exciting! I still don't feel 100%. I still wear out easily and require a lot of sleep, but that is becoming less and less too. All good signs!

So, for recording purposes, my baseline cortisol was 7.49. After stimulation it was 19.35. I have currently been at 12.5 mg. I'm going to take 10 mg. each day for the next 3 days, and if I feel good enough, go down to 5 mg. for 3 days, then totally off. If I feel too sick, I won't do it that fast, and I'll just tell my endo I have to take it slower. Hopefully next time I post, I will be steroid free, and on my way to total recovery! Yay! They said I have to do the stim test again in 4 weeks. I guess to see how well I'm still doing without the steroids. I'm not sure.

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