Thursday, October 30, 2008

So much for the "final" wean! LOL!

Well, it caught up with me! I got my shower to get ready to go to the doctor, and I couldn't get dressed! I kept feeling like passing out. I took my bp and it was 96/69, and I didn't take my bp meds. I knew with dropping my hydro my bp would drop too. At least I didn't take the meds on top of it! Anyway, I had to end up taking 5 mg. just so I could get to the doctor. That was enough to perk me up and raise my bp! She was kind of upset, not majorly, but she was going to test me again today. She couldn't do it since I'd taken the medicine. Oh well. I told her I had to, just so I could get dressed and get there! She wasn't mean about it. She is really nice!

All of my labs from the previous week looked good. She tested my thyroid again. She just wants to keep an eye on it to see if it goes whacky since it can after surgery. Right now, everything looks good. Since I had to go back on my hydro, she said, "Ok, you go back on it, and take it for a while, but try to wean off soon if you can. Then get back in here for another stim test." Then she said, "I don't usually let patients do that, so you should feel privileged." LOL! She was laughing. I really like her. She said she knew I was listening to my body and I'd been doing a good job weaning and I've made so much progress already, that she is happy with that.

My stim test was an ACTH stim test, not the CRH. I asked her how she knew my pituitary was giving the signal to my adrenals when we didn't do the CRH. I don't think she quite followed me, but she mentioned the fact that my ACTH before the stim test was 14. That is in range, and it does show that my pituitary is working again. She said that by taking the hydro, it is suppressing my adrenals. I see her point, but I also know that if it is not going to work, you can't force it either. She seems to think you can kind of force it to wake up and work. I really do like her. All I have to say is, she has never lived in an adrenally insufficient body. I don't care what any text book says, my body feels things that the text book doesn't tell you about. I'm all for getting off of the hydro. I don't like it, but I also don't want to end up in the ER with a crisis. Slow and steady wins the race!

So, I'm back on 5 mg. I felt good on that. I'll stay there for a week or so, then go down to 2.5 for a while before I go totally off of it again. Today is 10 weeks post op! Yay! I'm a Cushing's survivor!


aautomo884 said...

Take it slow Gracie, you're doing good, and feeling sooo much better. It's best not to chance your health when you have come this far! Have you lost anymore weight? Can't wait to see updated pics of you 3 months post op!!!

Gracie said...

I haven't lost any more weight. I'm still on hydro, plus I'm starting to go hypothyroid. I'll probably be on thyroid meds before long. My doctor is watching that close. Also, when you are hypothyroid, you don't lose weight. First, I need to get weaned from the hydro. I'm at 5 mg. right now, for one week. I'll go to 2.5 mg. next Thurs. and do that for one week, then be totally off! Yay!