Monday, September 17, 2012

Countdown to Tummy Tuck!

Counting down until surgery to get rid of this baggy stomach! Can't wait! I go see the surgeon again today, for final decisions. I need to find out if he will cut me up the middle and pull the sides in (tightening my back as well) or if I need to get a belt lipectomy (more expense and more pain.

I'm not excited about being in pain, but that part is only temporary! More updates after talking to the surgeon!


Terry said...

I’m excited for you! In preparation for your tummy tuck, if ever you’re smoking, you have to stop to at least 2 weeks before the operation, as it would slow down the healing process. Also, be sure to have a healthy diet and remember to eat! Have enough rest and don’t stress yourself before and after the operation, Gracie. :) Good luck!

Terry Bayer

Gracie said...

Thanks, Terry! No smoking here, so not a worry. ;)