Thursday, March 26, 2009

Two weeks after starting Keto

The first week was great! I felt so much better, and I lost 1 lb. per day. Close to starting the second week, I quit losing weight, started getting hot flashes, red face, high blood pressure, huge zits, etc. During that first week, people had noticed that my face was not so red and my overall complexion looked better. I felt so good, I had to remind myself that I wasn't cured, I was just taking Keto!

I quit taking the morning dose of hydro, since I had so many high signs. I kept taking the Keto, but I continue to have the hot flashes, red face, etc. The last several days, I've had a killer headache. Just rolling over in bed made my head feel like it would blow off. It hurts at the base of my skull, and across my forehead. Light and movement bothers it. I don't know if it's the change in weather (that sometimes does it for me) or if it's Cushing's related, or something else.

My back muscles have been aching really bad, like when you have the flu. That is the only indication I could say might mean my cortisol is too low. I weighed today, and I lost more weight again. Yay! I'm down 7 lbs. since starting the Keto.

I didn't take the Keto last night, and I took the hydro this morning, to see if it would help with the pain (maybe I'm too low?) Nope! All it did was give me immediate indigestion! I've had that bad in the past week. It's also giving me more hot flashes. Nice!

I don't know if I need more Keto or what. I'm almost afraid to go higher because of my cycling. I would ask my doctor first, before going higher. I know that around the beginning of every month, I go low, and hurt all over. I don't know if maybe the Keto threw me off schedule, or by the first of April, I'll go REALLY low. I don't want to end up with AI.

All I do know, is that I AM getting a response to Keto, and that's a good thing. I also know I need to see my chiropractor. I'm out in lots of places. He is on vacation this week. Nice! I have to wait until Monday to see him.

The Keto is making the facial hair fall out. I still have some, but it is not nearly as thick as it was. The bad part is, I'm also losing more from my head. That's NOT a good thing! Sometimes I wonder if I'll have any hair left by the time I get all done with this stuff!

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