Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Almost 2 weeks post op Tummy Tuck

I think this past week was my worst and my best. Technically, this coming Wednesday will be my 2 week mark. Since my last update, I had some pretty painful times. I tried to cut back on my pain medicine some. One reason was I wanted to spend time with my family. Another reason is, I didn't want to run out of my pain meds and still be in horrible pain, so I cut back to see how it was. I found out that it wasn't so great! I went back up on frequency. I was still trying to sleep in the living room, which was not comfortable. Add in the kids being noisy and waking me up while trying to sleep, I was getting fed up with everything!

I decided to go downstairs to my bedroom. OH, MY WONDERFUL BED! Oh, how I had missed my bed. I have a latex foam mattress and it's wonderful! I wasn't sure if I could lay in it, on my side. I did, and it wasn't too bad. It's still hard to sleep on my right side where I have 2 tubes coming out. It's more sore on that side. So, I started getting more restful sleep. I stayed up on my pain meds, which are really almost gone, and slept so many hours of good sleep.

I really started getting stir crazy and restless during this past week. I like to be up and doing something. The doc's instructions said to walk at least 5 times a day. Just getting up to go to the bathroom, and sitting up for a while after my shower, made my stomach swell until it was so uncomfortable (yes, I do keep my binders on, but still!) I was just at the end of my rope at one point and tears welling up in my eyes. That's when I decided I just had to keep taking that pain medicine around the clock. Anyway, I find it very confusing and aggravating that you need to walk, but the more you are "up", the more you swell.

So, the closer I've gotten to this second week, it's gotten a bit better each day. I'm not swelling AS bad, and not hurting AS bad. The swelling is still uncomfortable, but not like it was. Bruising is still minimal. All in all, I think things are improving (as they should be). I can tell this is going to be slower than what I'm use to. I still don't have any of the skin pulling apart like happens sometimes. My drains are still in, but getting close to coming out. I'm down to 35 mL of drainage in a 24 hr. period. I have to get down to 25 mL to get my drains out. None of my stitches have started coming out yet. Not sure when they are suppose to, but they are self dissolving. That's about it for now. I'll try to do a video to update here in the next couple of days.


smita sharma said...

The goal is always as low as possible while doing Tummy tuck surgery still tightening as much as possible. Ideally, the belly button opening can reach below the incision so there is not an opening scar.

Sanjay parashar said...

Well I have been sleeping in the bed for the last 3 nights which was great! The only complaint I have about it is that I get a little stiff by the morning time. Anyway today was my first day back to work which wasn't bad at all. - Tummy tuck Dubai

Gracie said...

Sanjay, good luck with recovery! It is a slow process. There is nothing like sleeping in your own bed! I hope your job is not overly taxing and you are able to rest a lot when you get home.