Sunday, November 23, 2008

13 weeks post op?

I'm losing track of time now. I forget how long it's been since surgery. I think 13 weeks. I have not updated because there is nothing to really update. Everything is still pretty much the same. The only thing different is that now I'm swollen and sore everywhere. I'm not sure why. I am going to have to go off of several meds and see if that makes it better. I'm wondering if I have a build up of something I'm taking, that is causing this joint and muscle pain. I've been at 2.5 mg. of hydro for a while, and I've been just fine on it. In fact, I was due for a wean again, but I can't do it just yet. I'm going to alternate not taking anything, and the 2.5, every other day for this coming week. Then, I hope to be totally off of hydro the week after Thanksgiving.

I've been busy getting my house organized. It's so great to get things cleaned up and in order again. I can't wait until it is totally done! I still have to dig out all of the winter clothes for everyone. We've been digging through boxes as needed.

I still look about the same as I have been lately. Nothing much has changed that way. Once I'm totally off of all hydro, I think my doctor is going to put me on thyroid meds. She said if she gave it to me now, it could make me have an AI episode, and she didn't want to do that to me. She wants me off of all hydro first. Here are my most recent pictures.


judycolby said...

I hope this last wean goes okay and that you'll be off hydro for good.
Have a good Thanksgiving.

Robin said...

Gracie, Dr. F recommends starting the thyroid (or upping it, as the case may be) while still on hydro so you will have a cushion. Thyroid meds need some cortisol to work. I swell when I'm hypothyroid. A lot. Edema comes with it and hypothyroidism can be dangerous.


Ami said...

I hope things continue to move forward for you Gracie.

I've been tagged by another blogger and I'm passing the tag onto you. Please see my blog for details.

tigger said...

gracie, I am a nursing student and am studing about cushings disease. I would like to use your story for a case study in my class. I wish you the best of luck, and a speedy recovery. You always have to be thankful for each blessing in life and your story touched my heart. God Bless You. Take care, Meg Mahafzah