Thursday, March 7, 2013

I'm now 5 months post op tummy tuck

Well, I've never been known for keeping up with my blog. I'm bad about that. Anyway, I have had a bit of a set back. It seems I have a hernia again. I had 2 repaired during the tummy tuck surgery. I had the umbilical hernia repaired before that! Well now it seems the umbilical hernia is back and maybe another one. I didn't do anything to get a hernia like lifting heavy stuff. I wore my binder like I was suppose to for the length of time I was suppose to. I think I have an underlying health problem that often has hernias go with it.

Anyway, I had a CT scan because my stomach swelled up really bad recently, pretty fast, too. The CT scan said no hernias, but I also had one before the tummy tuck to look for hernias and it said no hernias, so I have no faith in what they said. My surgeon examined me, and he sees what I'm saying. If I lay on my back and do a crunch or cough or whatever, it bulges up around my belly button. He said it kind of feels like a hernia, but not exactly. He wants me to go see a general surgeon. I'm stalling. I'm just sick of surgeries. I've had 10 surgeries. I really hoped my tummy tuck was my last surgery.

The surgeon doesn't know exactly what is going on. Your swelling typically goes down the further out you are from surgery, not suddenly increase. The scan also said no fluid accumulation. So he doesn't know if it's just "swelling" and might go away in time, or what. I'm not swollen anywhere else. My stomach looks bigger now than it did right after the tummy tuck when I was still swollen from surgery. I never expected to look like a Barbie, but I was not expecting this. It would be nice to have answers. :(


Juliejo said...

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Unknown said...

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